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All Of Our Sauces Are Prepared In-House Daily

Italian Plum Tomato - with fresh basil and oregano

Fresh Tomato Cream Sauce - the best of both worlds!

Grilled Fennel Marinara - with fresh fennel bulb, carrots, and sweet onion

Chipotle Cream Sauce - smoky heat with a smooth finish

Mushroom Tomato Cream Sauce - all of the above with a kiss of cream

Alfredo Sauce - made with a vegetable broth, heavy cream, the finest cheeses, no fillers

Bolognese Sauce - with roasted sirloin & italian sweet sausage

Amatriciana Sauce - with tomatoes, pancetta, sweet onions, red pepper flake

Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade - SDT, XVOO, Balsamic, Fresh Basil, Shaved Parm, Spices

Black Butter (aka ghee) - slow roasted for over 4 hours (aka butter when it grows up!)

Seedless Tomato Sauce - a smoother version of our Italian Plum

Vodka Tomato Cream Sauce - a smooth princess sauce

Diablo Sauce - a spicy sauce made with chipotle, toasted coriander & cilantro

Truffled Mushroom Tomato Sauce - need we say more?!

Fresh Cream Sauce - a delicate, velvety sauce

Sirloin Meatballs - our classic meatballs in a plum tomato and veal sauce

Puttanesca Sauce - with tomatoes, kalamata olives, caper berries, anchovy & red pepper flake

Fresh Herb Pesto - lots of fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic two ways, XVOO, lemon

Garlic Compound Butter - whole butter, XVOO, garlic two ways, the rest is a secret!